Dear Affiliate,
We welcome you on board!
As a part of our initial introduction we would like to provide you with some valuable affiliate marketing guidelines in regard to our Offers as well.
It doesn’t matter if you are an established affiliate or just starting your affiliate business, you need to have a Plan! An Affiliate Marketing Plan in particular.
Let us show you a simple example framework that works for our current affiliates.
So, you are running or planning to run a gambling, gaming or forex website.

1. Current Situation – Research:
You need to know your local market: super-affiliates – your competitors; what are the trends on the market; what can be your niche and key selling points.
All this should give an idea what are the opportunities.

2. Defining – Goals:
You need to define the SMART Goals, based on the opportunities you have discovered.
Would it be poker affiliate website or an aggregator with all gambling products?
What forecasts can you make in terms of player acquisition, revenues and traffic? Make it measurable!
Now you can make a decision how to match you goals with our Products. Would you choose Cost per Acquisition or Revenue Share products? Would you suit to your traffic and goals the best way?
The Smart Partners network understands your needs and we develop win-win relationships between our Advertisers who provide quality affiliate programmes based on Revenue Share or CPA. Please see the Offers tab and join the ones who fit to your plan.

3. Marketing Strategy
You use the opportunities defined in step 1 to develop strategies to achieve the goals defined in step 2:
– bold strategic points to be developed;
– describe the targeting;
– describe the positioning and branding.

4. Marketing Mix
There are many issues to consider whilst designing a proper Marketing Plan using a standard mix and they are as follows:

– Technology – which technological features should be embedded to your website?
– Support – would you offer constant support to your visitors and registered users?
– Information – how often do you need to write updates or develop your exclusive content?

– Search Engine Marketing – what are the strongest search engines on your targeted markets? Would you consider Paid Search as a suitable tool to reach your goals?
– Organic traffic, SEO
– PR
– Social Media
– E-Mail marketing – would you like to send promotional updates to your registered users with new affiliate promotion deals?
We are proud to provide you with the widest array of Marketing Tools for our Offers. You can benefit from various localized banners, also product reviews (usually as doc files).

– After you decided on the commission plan – CPA, Revenue Share, you should calculate your costs and fine-tune your plan. Maybe a right combination of both would be a good practice for different types of traffic?
At the Smart Partners network we have a few options for that: when you generate your tracking for a particular campaign you can create 5 sub-affs and track different sources of your traffic separately.
If your Promotional activity is very complex we have a solution as well: You can create multiple custom names for the Sources of your traffic and run the respecting Sources Report.

– Set-up
– Optimize lead funnel, your landing pages in particular.

5. Resources and Budget – a good idea to start with a 1 year operational plan?!

6. Measurement
ROI and Revenues – isn’t it what we are all striving for? We conduct prompt payments approximately on 20-25th for the previous month period for all your Offers.

Enjoy your growth!

Should you have any question please get in touch!
Best regards,
The Smart Partners affiliate network Team