According to iGamingBusiness, it is difficult to estimate the value of Russian online market. They also quote PriceWaterhouseCoopers and Goldman Sachs that gambling business was reaching $3.6 billion in 2008 and estimate that it could have reached $12 billion in 2009 in the event of its full domestic legalization.
The Smart Partners affiliate network operates successfully on Russian speaking markets since 2009 and it is obvious for us that this market is of a very high potential both for the Merchants and Affiliates. These markets are not as saturated as Western European ones, Internet penetration is quite low, but it is growing rapidly every year, so you can expect an organic growth as for your affiliate website. Also the disproportion of incomes gives Affiliates and Merchants all sorts of customers – both highrollers and occasional but loyal players.
We are confident to know the market and having a success working with poker, casino and sportsbook clients are planning to enlarge our product Offers.
Our Affiliates are happy to receive personalised support in Russian language and payments done by their preferred method.
Worldwide Affiliate networks are not big in those markets and we are proud to grow very fast because of this market potential and dynamics.

We would be happy to provide all sorts of guidance to our Merchants and Affiliates about Russian market. We encourage our English speaking affiliates to get in touch if they would like to enter Russian market as well!