iGaming affiliates as many others within affiliate marketing channel are first of all professionals in digital marketing and, which is also very important, experts in their chosen business sector. Would it be poker or casino, forex or skill game they are providing a valuable and trustworthy advice to their visitors.

It is obvious that affiliate marketing evolves with a same pace digital marketing becomes more and more innovative. And affiliates are developing their skills and marketing techniques employed. The competition is getting stronger every day and the evolution is evident.

You can see for yourself that nowadays many affiliates after developing their website are facing the challenge of where to move further. Let us discuss the the possible options.

1. Website (online) affiliate.

Starting from blog, affiliate business can evolve into a iGaming community or iGaming comparison site. Why not to engage your users and promote your offers by your own user generated content? Or affiliates can think of their own poker bonus comparison site?
The main benefit for the user would be the reliability of the information and honest reviews available on the site. We all see great examples of well structured and profitable aggregators and comparison sites.

2. Search Engine Optimisation.
It is quite logical that after an affiliate develops his blog into a medium or large scale project, the need to bring more and more “free”, but targeted, traffic becomes the first priority. Various SEO techniques and link building would help to increase organic traffic and thus potentially ensure the growth of affiliate commissions.

3. Pay-Per-Click or Search Engine Marketing.
When SEO friendly content started to bring the needed growth why not to add some investments into your business and pay for bringing very targeted traffic by utilising Search Engine Marketing tools (AdWords, Yahoo!Search) or commissioning some PPC campaigns? The traffic is really highly-targeted and affiliates benefit from narrow geo-targeting and other options allowing to increase the conversion ratio. Please note, that some brand terms can be forbidden to bid on by Terms and Conditions put in place by a particular operator.

4. E-Mail Marketing.
Before going further to the latest trends in digital marketing we should mention that traditional e-mail campaigns are still quite popular. If an affiliate managed to engage the users who opted in the newsletter, it is a great opportunity to maximize the revenues from existing customer base.

5. Social Media Marketing.
This trendy marketing tool is so popular now it is even difficult to figure out how to describe it. Basically all interactive environment created and supported by affiliates to provide communication between the users can be considered as such. It is a two-way communication channel which is considered as one of the most effective in marketing communication theory. Various tools such as Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, and other local social media are used.

6. Mobile Marketing.
Some of the Merchants are developing mobile versions of their sites and allowing Affiliates to attract users via mobile marketing tools. It is an emerging trend for affiliate marketing, because everybody want a piece of $21 bn pie in 2011 according to a latest research.

7. Applications (widgets).

Marketing materials are evolving as well. Apart from banners and reviews affiliates can turn their site into a set of interactive features or applications (widgets) to engage their visitors much more.

8. Loyalty, Bonuses, Incentives.
On top of the marketing tools used by many affiliates in different business sectors there are some iGaming industry-specific tools, which should be used in a very delicate manner. Some affiliate programmes have a very strict set of Terms and Conditions in place and affiliate should be careful employing Incentivised traffic techniques or offering Rakeback. Some other interactive loyalty schemes are more favourable though – such as exclusive freerolls, tournaments, competitions. Those are generating more revenue for the affiliate visa repeated purchases and more motivation from the end-user.

Is it still possible to earn a massive commission just being a website owner and not employing other tools like mobile marketing or PPC? Is it viable not to own a website but run mobile or PPC campaigns only? Is SEO vital to succeed or it is just a waste of time because of a very dynamic environment? All these and even much more questions are usually discussed on the forums and passionate marketers defending their choices are trying to stand by them. There is no straightforward answer for every market and every product and this is a beauty of digital marketing where you have an opportunity to test, own a know-how and earn massive commissions from affiliate marketing channel.