It is not a secret that affiliate marketing channel plays an important role for the success of gaming or retail company. As for retail it can account for 15-30% sales, and it can be up to 100% in gaming.
And an affiliate being a B2B customer of a company, or say, business partner, has specific needs and wants and they need to be satisfied by the company in order to get the most from this channel.
So what do affiliates want?
There is a basic and fundamental thing that it is a B2B relationship and it should be a win-win for both sides. Affiliates need to get a proper statistic reporting tool, up to date marketing material and personalised support (in case of any technical of payment issues). This should be fulfilled by 100%. And though it was enough to fulfill by the company a few years ago to ensure its nice performance within a channel it is not particularly the case anymore- the competition is getting tougher, there are much more players within the affiliate channel (i.e. The Smart Partners affiliate network being an intermediary). Thus it is quite natural that affiliates are more and more empowered. It is actually a good thing, because it drives innovation and growth within the channel.
So what are those increased wants that should be listened at and satisfied?
1. Accountability. Every player within affiliate channel should ensure maximum accountability as for the action taken, changes made, reporting, marketing campaigns and Terms and Conditions in place. It should be all transparent, no hidden issues that would distract the affiliate of doing a great job for the merchant.
2. Personalised communication. The time when a merchant or a network would simply send newsletters and not bother about a proper one-to-one communication with an affiliate partner has gone. Affiliates usually require their thoughts to be heard at least and their issues to be addressed. Affiliate Managers (both at merchants and networks) should ensure that they know their partners and their concerns are dealt with. Marketplace is huge, but still limited and eventhough 20/80 rule still applies, the more effort is put to communicate with affiliate partners, the more rewarding the performance would be.
3. Marketing activity. Affiliates are aware that they drive a significant amount of Sales and the conversions are usually of a nice quality. Though apart from affiliate promotions they need to be supported by marketing activity of a Merchant – well developed Product Marketing and effective Brand Advertising would increase their conversion rates and make this partnership much more valuable.

At The Smart Partners affiliate network we are to ensure a proper accountability for every affiliate partner who signs up for our Offers. Our detailed Terms and Conditions and specific Merchant Terms are in place. We are providing English and Russian customer support and are willing to resolve all issues between our partners to a mutual satisfaction as soon as possible. Affiliate partners enjoy working with major online entertainment and gambling brands and we are striving to provide with the latest promotions, materials and assist of getting personalised creatives and product reviews.

Please get in touch for any advise or assistance needed!