It has been more than a decade since Online Poker emerged.
Research shows that nowadays poker can be accountable for more than $2 billion a year and there are more than a million new real money players joining online poker rooms a year.
Can affiliate marketers ignore the opportunity to get a nice piece of that pie to themselves?

As in many online gambling affiliate programmes affiliates earn Revenue Share (it is normally between 25% – 35% from the rake charged by poker room on all hands played and on tournament fees paid as well) and sometimes CPA commission (per qualified player, meaning your new real money player needs to play to generate the minimum qualification criteria, which is about $20 in our system).

What is the best part in a commission based on rake is that you earn your commission with no regard to whether your player lost or won. Isn’t it an incredible advantage of poker affiliate programmes?

Most of Revenue Share models offer tiered based commission, so affiliates earn different percentage depending on the revenue generated by referred players. Sometimes you need to perform up to $15000 to get your 35% Revenue Share.
Another fantastic advantage to work with The Smart Partners affiliate network is that we negotiate flat Revenue Share deals, so you can earn 30-35% flat commission and do not worry about the tiers.

We recommend you have a look on poker rooms and their offers to the players. You would make your decision based on the amount of bonuses offered, number of online players, software and user-friendly interface that would ensure better conversion rates for you. You can start promoting them by setting up a community or a forum for your players to interact with each other. Blogging proved to be a successful tool for online poker promotions as well. You may think of employing SEO and search engine marketing tools as there are plenty of players searching for the new poker room to play at.

If you are ready, we highly recommend you have a look on our Offers. We are proud to be partners with Unibet (flat Revenue Share deal for all products!), RedKings Poker (flat Revenue Share), Titan Poker (CPA commission), 888 Poker (CPA commission). Why not to diversify your income sources and optimize your revenues from your poker traffic?

We would be glad to offer our expertise in poker affiliate marketing for you!
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