Dear Affiliates,

We hope you are doing well and your revenues are growing!

We have prepared a quick but hopefully useful update for you:

1) We have decide to retire almost half of our campaigns which were not converting just up to the standard we want to see, so please log in to your account and check out the recent creatives and update your links!

2) Our best converting offers are:

UNIBET poker – with the tiered CPA it became an even better alternative to the retired PokerStrategy campaign! Have you tried it?

888 Casino CPA is going steady – competitive CPA proves to be a hit with some of you!

3) We have signed the deal with UNIBET Casino- we are now offering a whopping $150 CPA – hurry up!

4) We have added a non gambling campaign in attempt to diversify – EvilJoy.com is the best place to create and share business ideas. Campaign offers 49% Revenue Share so it means 4.9 British Pounds per Public idea and 24.5 British Pounds per Premium status purchase.

We hope you are excited!

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