Skill games is a rapidly developing iGaming segment. It benefits from the fact there are basically no restrictions to promote skill games like backgammon, puzzles, online pool or other skill games not entirely based on chance.
We all see now that more and more countries are imposing restrictions on iGaming segment: USA enacted a respecting Act, France went for licensing the operators to be allowed to operate in the country. It is becoming more and more expensive for operators to operate on a specific market with current restrictions. The margins are falling and they re-adjusting their CPA or Revenue Share models for Affiliates as well.

Skill games like backgammon or puzzles represent a niche, which can be very attractive for Affiliates to step in and promote these Offers to worldwide public. Though these games are not considered as those to get a big win (as i.e. casino products), they retain players well, offering them to master their skill and participate in tournaments to win bigger with a better skill.

Backgammon is a very “sticky game”, which requires much more then just rolling a dice. The Smart Partners affiliate network partnered with and our current Offer is an attractive flat Revenue Share from your backgammon players. BGroom is part of EGO brands (RedKings Poker and EU casino), so you would be sure they offer a reliable software, quality entertainment for your players, prizes and incentives to retain your players well.

As we mentioned before skill games are not that well known as poker or casino, so a clear explanation on your blog or site together with targeted PPC campaign would deliver good results and would cost you much less then bidding for poker and casino keywords on most markets.

We would be supplying you with the latest promotions and creatives to promote skill games to help you benefit from these products.

How to jump start your earnings? Join our campaign, send your traffic to our partner BGroom and they would credit your new player with free $5 to start playing with no deposit required. The player would feel his/her skill to grow and would keep playing for a long time. When your player makes a first deposit ($20- $100), BGroom would give 30% from that amount to your player for free!

Get in contact and enjoy your growth with The Smart Partners affiliate network!